The Model Pet Project

Since April, 2012, The Model Pet Project has been shining a light on the unique and lovable characteristics of the adoptable pets in Southwest Missouri. UTurn Studios photographer, April Turner, co-founded the project along with fellow pet industry professionals and Humane Society volunteers.

The project was put in place to put homeless pets in the spotlight and show that shelter pets can be a model member of any family. Each month, MPP volunteers partner with local rescue organizations to photograph and market their adoptable pets. During the photo shoot, the volunteers get to know each pet and give them some one-on-one playtime while capturing photos to showcase their unique personality. These photos get results - Model Pets receive more than twice as many views as other pets featured on PetFinder.

There's nothing more rewarding than knowing that our images helped the plight of homeless pets. Please consider volunteering or otherwise supporting your local animal rescue organizations. Get started today by connecting with our Model Pet Facebook page. Each month, you'll see adorable images pop up in your feed, and who knows - you might even meet your next best friend! 


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