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I'm April, pet photographer and owner of UTurn Studios. I started this adventure in 2006 when my love of animals collided with my passion for art and design. 17+ years and thousands of animal photos later, I'm still loving every minute of it. Our pets are such a big part of our lives, and it's endlessly rewarding to me to be able to capture and preserve the joy that a furry friend brings to life. 

About UTurn Studios

Our specialty is pet photography, specifically pet photography that captures the personality of our furry subjects. That loving look your dog saves just for you, that head tilt your curious puppy melts your heart with, the ornery glint in your cat's eye just before he pounces on a favorite toy...these are the moments I love to see unfold in front of the lens.

Our studio is built to be pet-friendly, and we also offer on-location "comfort-zone" sessions at your pet's favorite places. Sessions are laid back, fun and tailored to the needs of your own unique pets. I let each pet set the pace for their session, and we use play and a time-tested bag of tricks to coax out your pet's true personality and capture it in photos you can treasure for a lifetime.

Client Testimonials

“April doesn't just take photographs ... she creates family treasures!.”

— Rhoda Clark

"UTurn Studios was great to work with. My dog is very nervous and anxious and she took her time to help her relax and get great photos. Highly recommend."

— Lisa Ann

“April has photographed several of my animals, including dogs, kittens, goats, lambs and rabbits, and she does an outstanding job! She has endless patience and makes the whole experience positive for both people and pets.

— Klaire Howerton, Green Thicket Farm

“April was so kind and patient with one of my dogs that was terrified of the camera. She spent lots of time trying to make my dog comfortable and never got frustrated or mad at the dog even after an hour of the dog literally running from the camera every time she saw it. The photos are always of wonderful quality and really captures the pets personality! Very pleased with all of the experiences I've had with UTurn!

— Lexi Solomon

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